NEW PODCAST: Election special 3

The third and most likely final podcast from the pub for this election campaign. This week we convened in the glorious surroundings of Catford, most famous for having a huge papier mache cat on its shopping centre and for being the butt of many of Spike Milligan’s jokes.

I was joined by Birmingham Mail political editor Jon Walker again and, after touring some of the most glamorous spots in the UK, Matt Withers the former Lib Dem spin doctor also dropped in again.

The horrific events in Manchester have overshadowed the election campaign quite rightly this week. While respectfully nodding to the tragedy there we stuck to what we know best: politics. So we reviewed how the main parties are getting on, what’s gone wrong for the Tories, why Tim Farron is like Richard Nixon and the Lib Dems are like a boring version of The Young Ones and whether Jeremy Corbyn can really win the election.

Visit the podcasts section of my site or listen here:

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