NEW PODCAST: Election special 2

Back in the pub this week but with a different panel and a working mic. So the podcast is a bit longer than usual given I had three guests but they were all good guests – Julia Rampen, digital news editor at The New Statesman, Jon Walker the political editor of the Birmingham Mail and, halfway through the recording, Martha Gill turned up wet and bedraggled having taken a very odd route to get to the pub. She’s just started up The Spoon morning email so we talked about why the world needs yet another email to start the day.

Plus of course we analysed the latest election goings on. How each party is faring, what’s going to happen to the Labour party after their inevitable defeat – and Jon had some good intel on that – and a discussion on whether Theresa May has really read the Harry Potter books and a surprisingly heated argument about which ones the best.

And there’s some nonsense about a nuclear dog, Nye Bevan and why rich people are ludicrous.

Listen here

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