Broadcast: The Papers, BBC News Channel, June 4

Not an easy night to review the papers given events in London on Saturday. Inevitably there was only one story, interestingly none of the newspapers had really moved the story on 24 hours after the attack took place.

My fellow guest last night was Jo Phillips, one time aide to Paddy Ashdown. She twigged that we’d been invited on because the Question Time featuring Tim Farron (her department) and Nicola Sturgeon (my department) had been scheduled for early evening yesterday. In the event it got bumped to tonight.

We offered what insight we could and I called the leader of the free world a silly name.

Watch here  –

One thought on “Broadcast: The Papers, BBC News Channel, June 4

  1. Hi James, referendums equate representative democracy; plebiscites equate direct democracy. I have a Article for you. Please contact and I will send it to you. you are correct about a National government; it’s the only way out of this Brexit gordian mess.


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