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23.1.18 The New Statesman Why are SNP MPs rapping and handing out red cards at Westminster?

22.1.18 The House Maria Miller: “This fight for equality is far from finished”

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17.10.17 The House David Laws: “On education policy, influence can be just as important as decision-making”

6.10.17 Total Politics SNP conference will show who is serious in politics

5.10.17 The House Stephen Gethins: “People remaining in their own political silos just doesn’t work anymore”

5.10.17 The House Kirsty Blackman: “I wouldn’t describe myself as a rising star”

4.10.17 The New Statesman The Three Brexiteers? Apparently rabid Eurosceptics only count if they’re male

21.8.17 Total Politics Britain could end up like Venice if Brexiteers get their way

16.8.17 The New Statesman Alex Salmond made the worst joke and I for one feel sorry for him

23.7.17 Huffington Post ‘Shall I Get You One Of Those In Blue?’ How We Limit Our Children When We Label Their Gender

22.7.17 Scotland on Sunday How to rear heroes and heroines

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19.7.17 The New Statesman interview The Gender Agenda: is it possible to raise children free of sexist stereotypes?

16.7.17 The Sunday Express interview Parents challenging gender bias: I hope our Gender Agenda is enough to make people think

12.7.17 The New Statesman SNP MPs fear another snap election: “It was one-way traffic to Labour”

10.7.17 The Mirror “Why can’t our daughter be a superhero?” ask mum and dad trying to end gender stereotyping of kids

30.6.17 The House Ian Blackford: “I have no doubt Scottish independence will happen”

30.6.17 New Statesman The obsession with wearing ties in parliament shows our skewed priorities

22.6.17 The House ‘I need to find work’ – what happens next for defeated MPs

13.6.17 Total Politics  Ruth Davidson shouldn’t get cocky, it’s Theresa May wot won it.

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1.6.17 Total Politics Introducing the general election’s most unconventional candidates

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21.4.17 The Staggers Brawl MP Eric Joyce: Don’t blame me for Brexit just because I headbutted a Tory 

20.4.17 The House What will the election result in Scotland mean for the battle between Sturgeon and May?

3.3.17 Politics.co.uk SNP mull Norway-style arrangement to solve their Brexit problem

2.12.16 International Business Times The SNP can teach Lib Dems a thing or two about getting back in the game