New Podcast: Scottish Labour’s top man gloating at SNP defeat (& Tory wins?)

Ian Murray returned to the podcast this week. For two years he was Scottish Labour’s only MP and he talks about how “singularly unpleasant” the SNP were to him in that time. He’s honest and open about how pleased he was to see certain SNP MPs lose – Alex Salmond in particular who he says was “awful” to him albeit he didn’t inflict an actual wedgie on Ian – and I feel for him on that front. It was a tough time for Ian, he’s a decent chap and it’s pleasing on a personal level that he’s got Scots colleagues again.

However, a listener got in touch to point out that in many seats – including Salmond’s – where the SNP lost the Conservatives won and it jarred to hear a Labour politician appearing to welcome a Tory gain. That’s a fair point and I accept I probably ought to have challenged Ian on that.

Instead Ian and I and Lindsay Razaq from the Press and Journal – always an insightful contributor but listen out for her particularly smart spot in the Queen’s Speech – talked about fish, sending Derek McKay to the moon and how to stay cool in the summer.

Listen in here

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