Latest Podcast – the parliament in review

Before MPs stopped being MPs and before they went back to their constituencies to campaign I caught up with a few SNP members to talk about their experiences over the last couple of years, what they liked about being an MP, what surprised them and a bit about what they are expecting from the election ahead.

By the magic of editing, and with the help of a brand new jingle, I’ve cut together bits of my conversations with Kirsty Blackman, Chris Stephens, Marion Fellowes and Deidre Brock. There’s some strong criticism for the Tories but also some cross party praise for their fellow MPs.

And I called on Westminster watcher extraordinaire Tony Grew for a longer chat discussing what he’s called the ‘traumatic parliament’. Among the reflections on some of the momentous events of 2015-17 Tony also picks his MP of the parliament.

Listen here

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